Bren Hall

View of Bren Hall through a corridorBren Hall is a triple LEED Platinum laboratory building!

The physical center of the Bren School academic experience is Bren Hall, a material reflection of the school’s commitment to meeting human needs in an environmentally sustainable way. By earning a LEED Platinum rating and recognition as the “greenest” laboratory building in the United States, Bren Hall inspired green-minded architects and builders around the country and proved that a superbly equipped building can be a benchmark of environmental sustainability.

In 2017, Bren Hall was the highest scoring LEED project for California and the entire country. Bren Hall received a third Platinum LEED certification for Existing Buildings - Operations and Maintenance (EB O&M), making it the first laboratory building to be certified three times. In August 2009, Bren Hall received its 2nd LEED® Platinum certification, when it was recertified at the Platinum level for EB O&M. Bren Hall received its first LEED Platinum rating in 2002.

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Resources in Bren Hall

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Teaching Rooms

Five meeting and conference rooms serve faculty, students, and guests for teaching seminars, workshops, meetings, presentations, and executive programs.

  • Colloquium Room (#1414)
  • Seminar Room (#1424)
  • Dean's Conference Room (#2436) & Deckers Outdoor Corporation Terrace
  • Sycamore Conference Room (#1510)
  • Oak Conference Room (#1520)
  • Pine Conference Room (#3526)
  • Bonsai Conference Room (#4327)

Bren Hall rooftop solar panels overlooking the ocean

Researching & Teaching Labs

Bren Hall features environmentally friendly state-of-the-art teaching laboratories where accessible leading-edge analytical instrumentation supports advanced research techniques. In addition to state-of-the art teaching labs and computing labs, Bren Hall is home to several specialized spaces and an impressive inventory of equipment and instruments to support high-level research.

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Other Facilities

The building’s rooms and halls offer state-of-the art presentation technology, energy-efficient lighting and climate-control systems, and the use of recycled and sustainable materials. Dedicated student spaces, such as the Davidson Commons, reading room, communication center, career center, and Visitors Center enable students to combine productive work with useful interaction. The courtyard and breezeways provide pleasant, informal interaction areas.

  • Edison International Visitors Center(#1410)
  • Davidson Student Commons (#3330)
  • Communication & Media Lab (#31316)
  • Reading Room/Library (#3312)
  • Career Center (#2418)
  • Central Courtyard
  • Interaction Terraces & Breezeways