Eco-Entrepreneurship Fellows Program

As of January 2020, Eco-E Fellowship Support for the Master of Environmental Science and Management (MESM) Degree is for current, continuing students only. Prospective students interested in fellowship support should view the Master's Financial Information page for available opportunities.


Fellowship Program Background

Made possible by the generous support of the Eco-Entrepreneurship Advisory Council (EEAC), the Eco-Entrepreneurship (Eco-E) Fellows program provides recruitment incentive awards to promising eco-entrepreneurs who are pursuing a two-year Master of Environmental Science and Management (MESM) degree with a focus on Eco-Entrepreneurship.

The mission of the Bren School is to play a leading role in researching environmental issues, training scientists and environmental management professionals, and identifying and solving environmental problems around the world. The Bren MESM program offers an interdisciplinary, solution-oriented curriculum that includes rigorous course work, a capstone-thesis Group Project or Eco-E Project, training in communications and eco-entrepreneurship, and career placement assistance. Bren School alumnae are poised to assume leadership positions in a variety of contexts.

Highlighted Eco-E Project Team: EVmatch
"EVmatch is a crowd-sourced online platform for EV charging that allows individuals to rent out their private charging stations to other EV drivers. Any customer can reserve and pay for use of a station in a few quick clicks on the EVmatch web application, eliminating the stress and hassle in finding a place to charge."
(Learn more at

Pictured: EVmatch Eco-E Project team members (from left) Shannon Walker, Kelsey Johnson, Heather Hochrein, and Erin Williamson (all MESM 2016) introduce their business venture at the annual Bren School Master's Projects Public Presentations in April 2016.

Fellowship Program Benefits and Outcomes

The goal of the program is to train a new generation of eco-entrepreneurs capable of moving solutions from concepts to market for their personal and financial benefit, as well as for the betterment of the environment.

The Eco-Entrepreneurship Fellows program offers a rich education in science, economics, policy, and law, augmented by specialized training in environmental entrepreneurship. Fellows will receive career-oriented training, including development of analytical and conceptual skills required to assess the feasibility of a new venture opportunity and to develop a business model for an environmental venture. The Eco-E Fellows program includes the following activities, events and opportunities:

  • Recruitment Incentive Award: A stipend for the first year of the MESM program at the Bren School
  • Entrepreneurial Advisory Council Meetings: Quarterly meetings with the Eco-Entrepreneurship Advisory Council (EEAC)
  • Eco-Entrepreneurship Community Colloquium Speakers: Past Eco-E Community Colloquium speakers have included Steve Blank (Stanford Technology Ventures Program), Jordan Ramer (CEO, EV-Connect), Fran Seegull (Managing Director, ImpactAssets) and Marc Stuart (Co-Founder, Eco-Securities)
  • Lunches with Eco-Entrepreneurship Community Colloquium Speakers: Following the Colloquium events, generally 2-3 students are invited to have lunch with the speaker
  • Primary Coursework Required for Eco-Entrepreneurship Focus: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation (1st quarter, 1st MESM year), New Venture Opportunity Analysis (2nd quarter, 1st MESM year) and New Venture Formation (3rd quarter, 1st MESM year)
  • Eco-Entrepreneurship Project Proposal: Submission of a proposal for a capstone-thesis Eco-E Project at the end of the 2nd quarter of 1st MESM year
  • Eco-Entrepreneurship Summer Intern Fellowship: A stipend for a summer internship between 1st and 2nd MESM years
  • UCSB New Venture Competition: Under the guidance of many experienced advisors and mentors, NVCparticipants learn about successful venture creation and compete for more than $75,000 in prizes and seed capital to launch their venture
  • Graduate Program in Management Practice (GPMP): Option to pursue a UC-wide recognized graduate certificate offered by the UCSB Technology Management Program

Application Eligibility

Qualified applicants must have an excellent academic record and show strong relevant experience and/or interest in eco-entrepreneurship and possess the qualities of a successful eco-entrepreneur. More specifically, we are looking for individuals who have generated innovative and creative solutions, are adaptable in a changing environment and demonstrate initiative to take on new challenges. Additionally, we are seeking experienced leaders who can demonstrate success in building or motivating a team.

How to Apply

In addition to submitting the Supplemental Application form, applicants for the Eco-Entrepreneurship Fellowship must complete all other required application materials for the Bren School, including the UCSB Graduate Division e-Application (see Master's: Admissions for more details).

Download: MESM Eco-Entrepreneurship Fellows Supplemental Application

Eco-Entrepreneurship Fellows Program applicants will submit their fellowship application, along with all other required Bren application materials, through their UCSB electronic application (UCSB e-app). To include the Eco-E Fellows application on your UCSB e-app, click on the Statements & Supplemental Documents Application Section and select to "Edit Section." After you have uploaded the three required application documents (Statement of Purpose, Personal Achievements/Contributions Statement, and Resume or CV), select "Other Document Type” (see below). In the Document Title text bar, enter Eco-Entrepreneurship Fellows Application for its name. Click "Browse" to find and upload your responses to the Eco-E application questionnaire as a PDF or in MS Word format.

Please note that the Graduate Records Exam (GRE) and TOEFL (for international students and/or non-native English language speakers) are required for admission to the Bren School and the Eco-E Fellows program.

Please contact us with further questions about the fellowship or university application procedures.