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Employer Services

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Advertise a Position with the Bren Community or Get Help Recruiting!
We distribute job and internship announcements daily to our approximately 200 master’s and PhD students and 1300+ alumni. We are happy to share post-grad positions, summer internships, and during-the-year internships or jobs that match well with their backgrounds and offer excellent experience. We are also happy to aid you in recruiting students and alumni who may be a good fit for your specific needs.

How to Get Help Recruiting Bren Students/Alumni for Your Specific Needs
For assistance recruiting students and/or alumni who might be a good fit for your specific needs, please reach out to the Career Development and Alumni Relations Team at

How to Advertise a Job or Internship to Bren Students and Alumni
To request advertising your full-time, part-time, internship, or volunteer position(s), please email with the following information (via a website link, attached PDF, or directly in the body of the email):

  1. Brief Job/Internship Description: What will the student/graduate be doing? Where does the position take place?
  2. Hours: What hours are required and how flexible are you with hours/days?
  3. Length of Position: How many weeks will the student be working? Is the position full-time or part-time?
  4. Compensation: What and how are you paying that student/graduate (e.g. hourly, stipend, salary)?
  5. Requirements: What background/experience are you looking for?
  6. Organization Information: Please provide a link where the student/graduate can learn more about your organization and/or the position.
  7. How to Apply: How should the student/graduate apply? Please mention required documents (resume, cover letter, etc.), email address/contact person they should send their application materials to, and/or online application link if applicable.
  8. Contact Information: Is there someone the student/graduate should reach out to if they have questions?
  9. Deadline: Final application submission date.