Career Development: Program Highlights

Superior Preparation | Extraordinary Results

Innovative Program Strategies

The Career Development Program is dedicated to teaching students how to be customer service-focused, allowing them to be comfortable and competent in any settings or circumstances. Knowing that not every approach works for every student, the team designs each workshop and program so that students can approach the job-search process in several ways. The salary-negotiation workshop, for instance, presents strategies that appeal both to students who are comfortable asking for a higher salary and the many who are reluctant to negotiate. The workshop also covers why it’s important to go through the process, and in the end, students and graduates report feeling more comfortable negotiating for higher salaries.

The Career Development team is highly responsive, adapting the program to reflect student feedback as well as job-market and hiring trends. The job-search workshop was redesigned in 2008 following a drop in the economy, and placement statistics in 2009 and 2010 were high, with 70% of students being placed prior to graduating, despite the poor economy and extremely weak job market. The Bren School’s social-networking program was created after several alumni requested an online platform for students and alumni to connect and collaborate.