Career Development: Program Highlights

Superior Preparation | Extraordinary Results

Networking Skills Emphasis

From day one, networking and mingling are a priority at the Bren School. As connecting with peers, stakeholders, professionals, and others is integral to both the Bren program and a successful career, the Career Development program provides training on all forms of networking during students’ first quarter at Bren. Through workshops internal events, and external events that allow for real-world practice, students develop the ability to mingle and network effectively in any situation. The goal is to have Bren students and graduates feel comfortable in any setting. Feedback from students and alumni on these events and the unique traing they provide has been excellent.

The Bren School has developed a number of highly engaged external contacts through its Corporate Partner Program, Dean’s Council, Bren Alumni Advisory Council, and a number of professional associations. Through the Bren Online Network, LinkedIn alumni group, and various mixers and events, students have many opportunities to interact with alumni, employers, and other environmental professionals. Beyond the Bren community, being part of the Bren School also means being part of the larger UC Santa Barbara and University of California networks.