Career Development: Program Highlights

Superior Preparation | Extraordinary Results

Professional-Development Focus

The goal of the Career Development program is to help students and graduates develop the skills necessary to feel comfortable navigating any professional setting, including going through the job-search and hiring process, interacting with stakeholders and clients, participating in lunch meetings, starting new jobs, giving presentations, or completing writing-based work. Employers want to hire people who are professional and whom they will feel comfortable putting in any situation. By honing these skills, students will represent themselves and the Bren School well and go far in their careers .

In addition to providing training in client interaction, mingling, networking, e-mail correspondence, and memo and professional writing, the Career Development team hosts activities and events that take students out of the academic setting and into the real word to put these skills into practice. These events, combined with the summer-internship program and the year-long master’s thesis project (whether a Group Project or an Eco-Entrepreneurship Project) give students plenty of opportunities to gain experience interacting with employers, alumni, Corporate Partners, and other professionals.