New Honor for 2006 Group Project

May 11, 2010

A 2006 master's Group Project continues to receive attention among scholars, this time as part of a special compilation of articles to be published by the journal Conservation Biology.

Titled "Marine Protected Areas Along California's Central Coast: A Multi-Criteria Analysis of Network Design," the 2006 Group Project was conducted by students Allison Chan, Amanda Cundiff, Nadia Gardner, Yvana Hrovat, Lindsay Kircher, and Carissa Klein (all MESM 2006), with support from their advisor, Associate Professor Bruce Kendall.

After completing the project, the group members collaborated with Kendall to write a paper that was published in Conservation Biology in 2008. The paper has now been selected for inclusion in a "virtual special issue" comprising just 14 articles and titled "Conservation Social Science," created to celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity.

For their Group Project, "The students performed the first-ever reserve design analysis that simultaneously considered the interests of both fishermen and nonconsuming users, such as scuba divers, while meeting conservation objectives," said Dr. Kendall. "This work has been influential in both the academic literature on reserve design and in practical reserve planning in such places as Fiji and South Africa. Building on the variety of training in the natural and social sciences that the Bren School provides, the students were able to integrate diverse data in an innovative way that advances the field of environmental planning and epitomizes the ideals of the school's MESM program."

The compilation is one of three in the Year of Biodiversity collection, which features new articles as well as relevant older articles that provide historical context. The other two compilations are Connectivity and Corridors and Climate Change.

"The issue will be widely publicized, and the articles will be made open-access," according to Conservation Biology managing editor Ellin Main.

See the complete Year of Biodiversity collection.

See the final report for the 2006 Group Project. (Scroll down the table to the 10th item from the top.)