Arctic Expedition

Bren School professor Oran Young, Bren supporter and wildlife photographer Howard Ruby, and Bren Assistant Dean of Development Jennifer Purcell Deacon appear in the short film Arctic Expedition, which was screened at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Marine Science Institute research scientist and occasional Bren School instructor Gail Osherenko made the film, which documents the expedition by ship to the polar-bear habitat around Svalbard, north of Norway, which Ruby sponsored last August. The 15-minute film features imagery of polar bears, walrus, whales, seals, birds, and spectacular Arctic land- and seascapes, and addresses the threat to the bears and other Arctic wildlife posed by climate change.

Said one reviewer:

"This is informative, family-friendly viewing about a profoundly serious issue. I strongly recommend it. The images of meltwater tumbling off the edge of the Svaalbard icesheet as hundreds, perhaps thousands, of waterfalls was disturbingly beautiful. So much freshwater tumbling into the saline ocean, changing the delicate balance of our planet!"

Click to see the trailer for Arctic Expedition.