LNG Discussion Panel Held at Bren

Laurie Harris Moderates Discussion on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

February 1, 2006

Bren Visiting Professor, Laurie Harris, ESQ, moderated a discussion panel entitled, LNG - Is It a Reasonable Alternative? 

Heading up the panel were:

Loretta Lynch, former member and past President of the California Public Utilities Commission.  Loretta presently teaches at UC Berkeley and is writing a book about the California energy crisis.

Susan Jordan, Director, California Protection Network.  Susan is a lobbyist and environmental consultant to groups opposing LNG in the Channel Islands/Ventura Coast.

Rory Cox, Communications Coordinator, Pacific Environment.  Rory spoke on the global implications of importing and relying on LNG as an energy source.

Linda Krop, Chief Council, Environmental Defense Center.

The latest debate centers around increasing California's natural gas supplies by importing liquefied natural gas, or LNG.  The focus of the discussion covered the environmental and long term implications of the choices that are being made and the different interests that will be served, depending on whether or not California goes ahead with LNG.   While natural gas is certainly cleaner and a preferable choice over oil or coal, it is still a non-renewable source of energyFurther discussions included what energy alternatives are available and what would be required to move ahead with them, and the pros and cons


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