MESM student presents to EPA

Seminar Yields EPA Testimony on Obama Administrations Proposed CAFE Standards

Today, Tuesday, Bren MESM student Alex Speers (2010) will be in Los Angeles to provide testimony to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at a public hearing on proposed new federal regulations governing vehicle fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions. She will be speaking on behalf of a her classmates and Professor Charles Kolstad, who have been investigating the proposed law and developing their comments during the fall quarter as part of their seminar class ESM 595P, Environmental Policy and Economics—Regulatory Analysis.

The White House, EPA, and NHTSA jointly proposed accelerating the new-car fuel-efficiency rules and resolving a dispute involving California, the auto companies, and EPA. This action also paves the way for regulation of GHGs by EPA, since the new rules explicitly targets GHG. The proposed rule has a 60-day comment period followed by two hearings. The seminar course is a student-led effort intended to provide students with a real-world framework in which to familiarize themselves with the rule, find specific aspects they think could be improved, and prepare comments for official submission.

Read the the testimony to be delivered by Speers.

Read the New York Times article about the President Obama's initial roll-out of the plan.