Bren School Corporate Partners Fund New Writing Center

Bren School Corporate Partners Fund New Writing Center

January 30, 2006

Santa Barbara, California



The Bren School’s Corporate Partner program has funded the launch of the Bren Writing Center.

Note: Since this news alert was published, the Bren Writing Center has expanced its services and received a name change. It is now the Bren Communications Center.

An experimental initiative, the Writing Center will help Bren students become effective writers and provide the students with additional opportunities to develop strong communication skills.

Environmental Science & Management professionals spend a significant portion of their careers writing grant proposals, reports, journal articles, etc.  Yet many have no formal training in communications, and few have effective writing skills.  The goal of the Center is to help the students gain insights, knowledge and skills that will have long-term benefits and improve their overall writing quality.  Student feedback has been very enthusiastic.


The Center is staffed by two Ph.D. students from UCSB’s Gevirtz School of Education.  Monica Bulger is a former UCSB Writing Program lecturer and multimedia development manager.  Cissy Ross taught in the UCSB Writing Program for three years and is a veteran journalist and former Business Editor for the Santa Barbara News-Press.  


The Bren School's Corporate Partners Program is the means through which the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management forms mutually beneficial alliances with local and national corporations and non-governmental organizations that share our commitment to sustainable enterprise, leading-edge research, and educational programs of preeminent quality.


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