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Dec. 19, 2013

You'll be Surprised by Which Party Cuts More...and Why

Democrats make more large spending cuts than Republicans, but they do so to balance previous spending increases, says Bren School assistant professor Sarah Anderson and co-author Laurel Harbridge in a forthcoming article titled “The Policy Consequences of Motivated Information Processing among the Partisan Elite,” which will appear in American Politics Research. A preview of the artlcle is posted today on the website of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Anderson, who teaches politics in the context of environmental policy making at the Bren School, and Harbridge, an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota, based their conclusion on a quantitative analysis of U.S. budgetary spending reports from 1955-2002.

The article offers an insight into behavior that affects spending on a range of issues, including, of course, those associated with issues of environmental sustainability and environmental justice.

Read the preview article.

Those who work at UCSB or other academic institutions can read the full paper.