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Dan Ovando

Bren School alumnus (MESM 2010) and current PhD student Dan Ovando has been named a 2016 NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Sea Grant Fellow. The fellowship is awarded to students who are interested in careers related to marine ecosystem and population dynamics, with a focus on modeling and managing systems of living marine resources.

Ovando, whose PhD advisors are Bren School dean and Sustainable Fisheries Group (SFG) co-founder, Steve Gaines and Bren professor and SFG co-founder, Christopher Costello, will use his fellowship to study “a Bayesian framework for utilizing fishery-independent Marine Protected Area monitoring data in stock assessments."

Fellows receive a grant for $46,000 per year ($38,333 in federal dollars and $7,667 in matching dollars). The funds covers salary (stipend), living expenses, tuition, and travel necessary to carry out the proposed research and attend the annual fellows meeting.

"I am tremendously honored to have been selected as a 2016 NMFS Population and Ecosystem Dynamics Fellow," Ovando said. "This is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with some great minds in the field of fisheries management, and to help ensure that the work I produce is ready to help managers and stakeholders make informed decisions."

Ovando will work with a committee as well as an NMFS mentor, Dr. Jason Cope, to produce application-based cutting-edge to help fisheries in California and around the country.