Tom Dunne Wins Warren A. Hall Medal

Tom Dunne Wins High Honor Reserved for Outstanding Professors of Water Resources

List of Warren A. Hall medal winners is the field's "Hall of Fame."

Bren professor Tom Dunne
in the classroom

On July 14, Bren School professor of hydrology and geomorphology Thomas Dunne was awarded the 2010 Warren A. Hall Medal, presented by the Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR) to recognize distinguished achievements of an individual in the field of water resources. Dr. Warren A. Hall was well known for his water-resources research and was a founder of the UCOWR.

"The list of Warren Hall medal winners is the Hall of Fame of U.S. professors in the water resources field," said UCOWR Executive Director Christopher Lant. "The first thing that stands out about Tom is a text he wrote three decades ago, titled Water in Environmental Planning. It is probably the most important educational book on water resources in the country. Tom also has a stellar record of groundbreaking research in hydrology and geomorphology.

"The Hall Medal is a professor's award," Lant continues, "and Tom is the quintessential professor in terms of his research and teaching in the area of water resources."

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