Workshop: Voluntary Approaches to Environmental Protection

Scholars to Examine Use of Incentives in Motivating Voluntary Environmental Protection

The Bren School will join the UCSB Department of Economics and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Thursday and Friday, April 24-25, to present a two-day private workshop titled "Voluntary Approaches to Environmental Protection." The event has been organized by Bren professor Charles Kolstad, Bren assistant professor Matthew Kotchen, and Bren doctoral student Laura Grant.

"Voluntary approaches have become an increasingly important instrument of environmental policy," the organizers write in the introduction to the agenda. "While international environmental agreements have always been based on voluntary participation, an increasing number of domestic policies are as well. The expansion of markets for environmentally friendly goods and services also exemplify voluntary action that can either complement or substitute more conventional approaches to environmental policy. Along with these trends has come a surge of academic interest in the study of voluntary approaches to environmental protection. The purpose of this workshop is to assemble leading scholars working in related areas in order to further the understanding of incentives for participation in voluntary programs and of the effectiveness of the approach for meeting policy objectives.

See the workshop agenda.

Charles Kolstad

Matthew Kotchen

Laura Grant