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Two Bren Professors Named among World's Most Influential Scientists

Congratulations to Bren professors Ben Halpern and David Tilman, whom Thomson Reuters has identified among 3,200 of the world's most influential scientists . The list was created as a partial response to the question, "Who are some of the best and brightest scientific minds of our time?"

Ben Halpern

David Tilman

The results were determined by analyzing citation data over the past eleven years to identify those who "are influencing the future direction of their fields, and of the world," by virtue of the high impact of their work.

"It's exciting to be part of this list and to know that my research is having an influence on the fields of ecology and environmental science," Halpern said. "It is, of course, only one metric of many possible ones that assess the impact of research, but it is an important one and I'm thrilled to be included."

Thomson Reuters says that its list includes the 3,200 individuals "who, from 2002-2012, published the greatest number of highly cited papers in one of 21 broad fields. To be considered a "highly cited," a paper had to rank in the top 1 percent by citations for its field and year of publication.

The introduction notes, "Everyone acknowledged here is a person of influence, [who is] performing and publishing work that their peers recognize as vital to the advancement of their science."

See the complete list, selection criteria, and other details. Professors Halpern and Tilman appear in the Environment/Ecology section.