Faculty Impact

    Impacting the World:
    Collaborative Faculty Policy Work

    Solving environmental problems is a key element of the Bren School mission, one exemplified by the service Bren faculty members provide in the environmental-policy realm.

    Faculty members play leading roles in advising government agencies, corporations, and nonprofit organizations about science, management, and policy questions. This exposure enables Bren professors to share their accumulated knowledge in finding solutions to current environmental problems; to provide intellectual leadership about the direction of environmental policy at the national, state, and local levels; and to bring to their teaching and research a concrete sense of the practical environmental issues facing decision-makers.

    Through their collaborative work on strategic scientific advisory boards and committees, Bren professors make a profound difference by joining other experts to support policy makers in assessing, shaping, amending, and redirecting environmental policy.

    Serving typically on a pro bono basis, Bren faculty bring their lifetimes of experience, knowledge and wisdom to these collaborative efforts. The policies they help to shape can have profound and lasting effects for millions of people and diverse natural systems.

    Further, their own research is often conducted to support government agencies in identifying and selecting policy options, and their work as part of such entities as the UC Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology lead to interest from government agencies as they to develop rules, guidelines, and regulations related to new technologies.

    Bren students, who are here to be trained as environmental professionals who make a difference, benefit greatly from faculty’s service on such policy-focused groups. It is one thing to learn, in theory, how policy takes shape, and another to reap some of the rewards gained by the experience of those who have spent years collaborating with other experts to guide policy that addresses complex environmental problems.

    The leadership Bren faculty provide through their policy efforts pay both daily dividends at the Bren School and have beneficial long-term impacts far beyond.