Events & Media: Young Innovators

Owen Barrett

Greg Soulages

Byron Thayer

November 28, 2011

Three second-year Eco-Entrepreneurship students at Bren have been awarded a Young Innovator Scholarship from the College of Engineering's Technology Management Program (TMP), a partner with the Bren School in the Eco-E program.

Owen Barrett, Greg Soulages, and Byron Thayer each will receive $2,500. The scholarships were open to undergrads and graduate students in any department or discipline. Of the eighteen students who applied for the Young Innovator Scholarshihp, four were selected, with three coming from Bren.

The Young Innovator Scholarships are intended to help support students who have demonstrated some form of “innovative” passion, are active in the TMP, and "are working to bring something new or better to the world."

The scholarships are provided through the generosity of an anonymous donor who is a successful entrepreneur, business leader, and friend of the university and the Technology Management Program.

Two of the Bren scholarship recipients are working on separate Eco-E Projects, the Eco-E equivalent of the Bren Master's Group Project. Barrett is part of the three-person "Green Soil" project, and Soulages is part of two-person partnership behind the "Equal Water" project. Thayer is working on a traditional six-person Group Project team that is examining the water footprint of Deckers Outdoor Corporation.