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Bren School Staffer Wins Citation of Excellence Award

Kristen Robinson, the Bren School's assistant director of career development and alumni relations, has been awarded the prestigious and highly competitive UCSB Staff Citation of Excellence Award.

The award, which acknowledges and celebrates outstanding achievements and meritorious service of career staff, is given to only ten UCSB employees each year. Each nominee requires one nominator and one endorser.  The selection committee then considers such qualities as job excellence, the impact of an employee's work or performance, interpersonal skills, and extraordinary achievement.

"Kristen approaches every task with quality and customer service in mind," said Bren School director of career development and alumni relations, David Parker, who received the same award in 2004. "She has the unique ability to get the job done in an efficient manner while also adding just the right amount of personal touch to wow her customers."

"Of course, my goal when students come to me is to make sure that they have their questions answered," Robinson says, adding, "I also feel strongly that our students are highly capable, but that doesn't mean they always do, so when I see them excel, I want to be sure to let them know that and build their confidence. I want to be an advocate for them in their careers."

"She is also not afraid to take on challenging projects and expand her day-to-day tasks to help the Bren School and the University," Parker added. "Since joining us in 2010, Kristen has elevated the Career Development program in so many ways.  In all my years of employment, I have not found a more productive, hardworking, and customer-service-oriented employee. I feel very fortunate to have her on our team."

Robinson joined the Bren School staff in 2008, and every year since, students, alumni, and prospective students have written numerous unsolicited letters praising Robinson for her knowledge, her skills, and her demeanor in supporting them.

Dean Steve Gaines singled out Robinson's work in bringing a social-media platform to link Bren students, alumni, and employers as a way of supporting students' professional networking and job searches and strengthening connections and relationships with and among those in the Bren community. The Bren School had considered for some time hiring a full-time staff member to take on that and other duties, but funds were not available, so Robinson took on the project.

"Thanks to Kristen's efforts, we now have a direct connection to our alumni and are better positioned to assist current students by reaching out positively and proactively to our alumni," said Gaines.