Environmental-Innovation Summit Talks now on YouTube

Hunter Lovins


Paul Portney

Event Videos Highlight Innovations in Sustainability for Economic Growth

A pair of talks from the recent "Energy and Environmental Summit of the States," held at the Bren School March 4-7, 2010, are now available for viewing on the Bren YouTube page.

The lectures were part of the 2010 Energy and Environmental Summit of States, which was co-hosted by The State Legislative Leaders Foundation and the Bren School.

The summit coalesced around a pair of assertions: first that, while many challenges face the world today, "most pressing in the minds of Americans is the recent financial collapse, how to restore a strong economy, and programs that can create meaningful jobs" and second, that "companies around the country and across the globe are recognizing that environmentally friendly economic decisions can lead the way to a strong economy."

Suggesting that competitors in China, Japan, Europe are driving innovation through greater commitments to sustainability, the summit convened with the purpose of discussing "why investing in greater sustainabilty is the best business strategy for the 21st century."