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Master's Group Project Team Attend International Conference
on the Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology (ICEIN) 2011

The 2011 Bren Masters Group Project on nanotechnology had its poster, “A condensed EH&S [Environmental Health & Safety] reference for nanotechnology startups” (CERNS) accepted for presentation at the 2011 International Conference on the Enviromental Implications of Nanotechnology (ICEIN), held May 9-10 in Durham, North Carolina. The selection process for poster presentations was highly selective.

The students, whose Bren project was titled "Evaluating Recommended and Reported Practices in Nanomaterials Environmental Health and Safety," developed a "quick reference"-style guidance document (CERNS) that enables startup companies in nanotechnology to orient their firms' practices around safeguarding their workers and the environment. CERNS is a user-friendly document that is written in accessible language and provides cross-referencing among some 27 internationally cited nano-specific guidance documents. In addition to consolidating all currently available information and recommendations on nanomaterial EH&S in a compressed format, CERNS is also the first “nano-safety” document that integrates the cost implications of implementing nano-specific recommendations. The Bren group was represented by Adeyemi Adeleye, Zoe Layton, and Jessica Twining at ICEIN 2011. The other members of the project team are Daniel Huang and Sudhir Paladugu. All are members of the Class of 2011.

The conference brings together leading researchers from around the world who are working on nanotechnology risk assessment, nanotoxicology, nanomaterial detection, and the ecosystem impacts, transport, and transformation of nanomaterials. ICEIN is co-sponsored by the Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology (CEINT) headquartered at Duke University, the University of California Center for the Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology (UC CEIN) headquartered at UCLA (with Bren professors Patricia Holden and Hunter Lenihan leading research units and Arturo Keller serving as associate director) , and the international partners of CEINT and UC CEIN. The ICEIN 2011 is the 3rd edition of the annual international conference and it will be held at Washington Duke Inn, Durham, North Carolina.

The two-day conference consisted oral and poster presentations and an EPA nano grantees meeting. The public portion featured keynote presentations from leading researchers, multiple poster sessions, and integrative research discussion groups in the following six areas:

  • Fate, Transport and Transformation
  • Toxicity/Ecotoxicity
  • Natural Nanomaterials & Nanobiogeochemistry
  • Risk Perception, Risk Assessment & Life Cycle Analysis
  • Nanomaterials Characterization & Toxicity Screening
  • Ecology & Ecosystem Response

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