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Competition Successes for Eco-E Teams
EVMatch and InGrain are the latest teams to make the finals of new-venture compeitions

Two Bren School Eco-Entrepreneurship (Eco-E) teams — InGrain and EVMatch — are among the six finalists in the 2016 UCSB New Venture Competition. The finals of the competition, which is run by the Technology Management Program (TMP) in the UCSB College of Engineering, will be held from 3-7 p.m. Thursday, May 19 in Corwin Pavilion at UCSB. The event is open to the public.

Note: TMP asks that those interested in attending the event please register here.

InGrain, developed by Terra Alpaugh, Cameron Dunning, and Talia Ibarguen (all MESM 2016), is a business model for transforming brewery waste into sustainable packaging products and marketing solutions for the craft beer industry. InGrain’s initial products — six-pack holders and bar coasters — are both functional and provide a unique branding opportunity for craft-beer makers.
EVMatch was developed by Heather Hochrein, Kelsey Johnson, Shannon Walker, and Erin Williamson (all MESM 2016) as an online marketplace that connects electric-vehicle (EV) owners in need of charging with local owners of residential EV charging infrastructure. EVMatch allows users to easily find nearby, affordable charging and enables hosts to generate returns on their investment in home-charging infrastructure.

EVMatch has also qualified as a finalist in the UC Carbon Slam competion. The finals of that competition, which was open to entries from all ten UC campuses, will be held May 23 at Xerox PARC in Palo Alto. All participating Carbon Slam finalist will receive a $400 cash award.

Finalists will present their climate-science and carbon-reduction research in three-minute pitches and posters at a live competition before a panel of esteemed judges and guests.

Eco-E program manager Emily Cotter (left) and InGrain faculy advisor Matt Potoski (right) join the InGrain team (from left), Terra Alpaugh, Cameron Dunning, and Talia Ibarguen after the students shared their work at the 2016 Bren School Master's Project Public Presentations.

The EV Matchteam (from left), Heather Hochrein, Erin Williamson, Shannon Walker, and Kelsey Johnson relax with their faculty advisor, Kyle Meng, after their presentation at the 2016 Master's Projects public event.