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$1.4 Million Gift to Go to Bren School
93106 The Faculty & Staff Newspaper
By Jackie Savani
November 8, 1999

Internet Entrepreneur Linda Dozier and UCSB geographer Jeff Dozier have announced a $1.4 million donation to support graduate students at the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, where he is the founding dean.

"Our hope is that the Dozier Fellowship Fund will help recruit outstanding students, thereby contributing to the creation of an environment of academic excellence," said Linda, who is a software expert.

The Bren School trains advanced students in interdisciplinary approaches to environmental problem-solving. Faculty and students of business schools throughout the University as well as from Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law participate in the program.
Currently, 82 masters students and 21 doctoral students compose the student body.

"We are very grateful to Linda and Jeff for this generous and well-conceived gift," said Chancellor Henry Yang. "Aimed at providing an incentive for the most able student to choose the Santa Barbara campus, the Dozier Fellowship Fund targets academic quaility."

The Internet is directly responsible for the Doziers’ gift. In 1993, Linda set up a firm, NaviSoft, in their Goleta home with business partner David Cole. "We created a network publishing tool that was essentially a browser that let you edit a web page, then save the page over the network back to the web server," she explained.

Less than a year later, America Online (AOL) acquired NaviSoft in exchange for shares. Linda served as vice president for corporate development for AOL from 1995 to 1998, when she "retired" to have their third child. The rising market for AOL shares has financed the Dozier Fellowship Fund.

"I wanted to create a legacy for Jeff that recognizes his contributions to my success and recognizes his achievements as the founding dean of the Bren School," said Linda, who was a computer science major in college. Now she is preparing to start another business.

After five years as dean, Jeff has agreed to stay an extra year to help search for his successor. He joined the UCSB faculty in 1974 and plans to continue as a professor of Environmental Science & Management at the Bren School.