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Events & Media - Kotchen Is Fellow for NBER

May 10, 2007


Bren Professor Named Research Fellow for Distinguished Economics Research Group

Matthew Kotchen joins bureau that has supported Nobel laureates

The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) has appointed Bren Assistant Professor Matthew Kotchen as a faculty research fellow in its Public Economics program.

NBER is a private nonprofit research organization that promotes a greater understanding of how the economy works. Senior research associates at NBER nominate a group of potential Fellows, then peer-review them before selecting only three people per year for each of the organization’s 18 programs. Kotchen was chosen in recognition of the high quality and high profile of his environmental and public economics research.

“The NBER tends to be focused on policy-relevant research questions with a sound basis in economic theory,” said Kotchen. “I have participated in the environmental economics working group at the NBER for several years, so it is now great to be an official Faculty Research Fellow. I look forward to continuing my participation in the environmental economics working group, in addition to the research program in public economics. This is particularly exciting, since I try to push my own research in a way the straddles both of these fields.”

Each NBER program involves 20 or more research associates and a number of faculty research fellows. Economists within the Bureau's programs meet periodically at its headquarters in Cambridge, Mass., to discuss their work and further their research efforts. Each program includes one or more primary projects involving ten to twelve economists, and several smaller projects.  Kotchen will be involved in a number of these projects. As a Fellow, he will receive wide distribution of his working papers through NBER and have the opportunity to participate in NBER conferences and contribute to its books. His participation will also raise the profile of the Bren School and UCSB within the NBER research community.

The Bureau has a long history of nurturing formidable economic thought. Simon Kuznet’s pioneering work on national income accounting, Wesley Mitchell's influential study of the business cycle, and Milton Friedman's research on the demand for money and the determinants of consumer spending were among the early studies done at NBER.

Sixteen of the 31 American Nobel Prize winners in economics and six of the past chairs of the President's Council of Economic Advisers have been researchers at NBER. The more than 600 NBER researchers who are professors of economics and business at universities around the country are considered to be the leading scholars in their fields.

NBER is governed by a board of directors that includes representatives from the leading American research universities and major national economics organizations, as well as prominent economists from business, trade unions, and academia.