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Events & Media - UCTV Climate Change Series

March 28, 2007

UCTV Series Features Bren Faculty Views on Climate Change

“Global Warming: Change Begins with Learning” series provides background for Earth Day 2007


Santa Barbara, Calif. – Eight faculty members from the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at the UC Santa Barbara, address various aspects of global climate change in a four-part series currently airing on UCTV, the cable television station of the University of California. In each segment of “Global Warming: Change Begins with Learning” (the theme is the same as for Earth Day 2007), a pair of Bren professors joins moderator Jon Clark of the Community Environmental Council to discuss issues related to the professors’ academic and research specialties. The shows began airing separately in late February and are currently being shown in rotation as part of the UCTV schedule.

“The Bren School was privileged to be invited by the Community Environmental Council of Santa Barbara to join in hosting Earth Day 2007,” said Bren School Dean Ernst von Weizsäcker. “One of the significant contributions that came out of our partnership was this series of UCTV programs on climate change, masterfully moderated by Jon Clark of the CEC.

“Global warming may profoundly affect animals, plants, and coastal communities around the world,” von Weizsäcker added, “and Bren School researchers have been at the forefront in terms of clarifying the challenges and presenting attractive responses to them. We are therefore proud to offer some substantive inputs to this year's Earth Day and hope that this expertise will resonate powerfully with audiences.”

The series was made possible by private funding and with the support of the “Global Warming – Science & Society” event series at UCSB, the Bren School, and the CEC. The four segments are as follows:

Part I: “Making More with Less: Increasing Wealth while Decreasing Resource Consumption” features Bren School Dean Ernst von Weizsäcker and Roland Geyer, Assistant Professor of Industrial Ecology and Supply Chain Management, discussing resource efficiency, product life cycles, remanufacturing and other issues related to the goal of sustainable manufacturing.

Part II: In “Lands, Lakes and Oceans: The Ecology of Climate Change,”  Bren Associate Dean and Professor of Biological Science John Melack joins Bren Professor of Applied Ecology Frank Davis to discuss climate change in the context of water resources, from fisheries to the quality and quantity of the resource itself.

Part III: “From Talk to Action: Economics and Policies as a Path to Solutions” features Bren Professor and Director of the School’s Program on Governance and Sustainable Development Oran Young, and Bren Professor and Director of the Economics and Environmental Science Program Charles Kolstad addressing the roles of economics and policy making in the context of climate change.

Part IV: “Climate Change and Water: Rights and Runoff” presents Donald Bren Distinguished Professor of Corporate Environmental Management Gary Libecap and Assistant Professor of Hydrology Christina Tague in a discussion about the complexities of managing the ever-increasing demands placed on scarce water resources.

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