Drought, Fire, and Flood: Climate Change and Our New Normal
a collaboration between the Bren School, CEC, Santa Barbara Foundation, & SBMNH

Town Hall Event at the Granada Theatre
April 25, 2018



In light of recent catastrophic local events, the pressing need for an earnest evaluation of how we can best move forward and effectively build climate change reseiliency in our community has emerged. The Bren School, Community Environmental Council, Santa Barbara Foundation, and Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History partnered to bring forth this conversation through a town hall meeting, engaging the public in a discussion of the impacts of climate change and how we can improve our readiness when facing these sorts of events. As part of the evening's program, University of California, Santa Barbara faculty Max Moritz, Ed Keller, Naomi Tague, and Sarah Anderson gave informative 3-minute flash talks that covered wildfires, debris flows, climate modeling, and how to drive political action, respectively.

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