Bren alumnus' short films from Copenhagen

Bren alumnus and documentary filmmaker Douglas Varchol attended the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (COP 15) with video camera in hand. He has uploaded a few of the resulting short films onto YouTube, where they can be seen under the shared heading "Turning Down the Heat."

Two of the pieces, "The Montreal Protocol and HFCs" and "The Forgotten 50%" include appearances by Durwood Zaelke, who, with Bren professor Oran Young, was a co-founder of the Bren School Governance for Sustainable Development Program. At COP 15, Zaelke spoke presented on the subject of strategies for reducing climate change faster than can be achieved by cutting only the emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Non-CO2 factors, including black carbon (soot), make up 50 percent of climate-change drivers or, as Varchol notes, "The Forgotten 50%."

You can see the films at the links below.

Turning Down the Heat – Gender and Climate Change

Turning Down the Heat – The Montreal Protocol and HFCs

Turning Down the Heat – The Forgotten 50%


Varchol has made a number of short films on environmental subjects for the BBC. Links to two of those films are listed below.

Perfectly Cool: A look at China, air-conditioning, and hydrochlorofluorocarbons

Heads Above Water: Parts of Java that used to be dry are now underwater because of land subsidance, sea-level rise, and changing weather patterns due to climate change.

For more go to the DZAP Productions website.


Douglas Varchol filming on a street in Laos