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UCSB Water Action Plan Designed by Bren Students Lauded During Drought

April 18, 2014

The UCSB long-term Water Action Plan, designed by a team of Bren students for their Group Project in 2013, is being praised for being instrumental in helping the university ride out the current drought. The plan,

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developed by Group Project members Jewel Snavely, Rebecca Dorsey, Dane Johnson, Matthew O'Carroll, Briana Seapy, and Katie Cole (all MESM 2013) received awards and national attention last year, after UCSB adopted it as the university's official roadmap to water conservation now and into the future.

The thoroughness of the plan, which was also used to support water-plan designers at other UC campuses as they developed their own plans in response to a mandate by the UC Office of the President, is reflected in the fact that it contained provisions for actions that can be taken during a drought like the one currently affecting much of California, thus precluding the need to develop a drought-specific plan.

“We’ve not created a drought action plan because we have a comprehensive water action plan that tells us what to do ahead of time,” said O’Carroll, who is now UCSB’s refuse, recycling, and water-efficiency manager, in an article published April 17 in the Santa Barbara online newspaper Noozhawk.

“In the environmental realm, crisis often promotes action. We need to break that habit and prepare for a crisis well in advance," ," O'Carroll continued. "“We’re not in trouble over the drought on this campus, because we have this water action plan. We’re definitely doing our part, and we will continue to do our part in regards to water conservation and efficiency efforts.”