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July 13, 2015

The Demise of the Drinking Fountain
Bren Professor Jim Salzman's water book tapped for article in Washington Post

A disappearing icon of summer

Bren School professor of environmental law Jim Salzman has spent a great deal of time thinking, researching, and writing about water, activities that led to the publication in 2006 of his book titled Drinking Water: A History (The Overlook Press, 2012). Last Wednesday, stories that Salzman presented in the book were sourced extensively in a Washington Post article about the slow disappearance of public drinking fountains in the era of bottle water.

Like Salzman's book, which has been praised in one review for having "a surprise on almost every page," the Post article is an intriguing exegesis of the just how we arrived at a point when baseball stadiums can be built without a single drinking fountain and people can wander parks on lazy summer days without finding a trace of this hydrating icon of the season.

Kind of a different perspective on the advice to "Stay thirsty, my friends."