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May 1, 2014

This Way to Water
Report co-authored by Bren professor outlines pathways to a sustainable water future for California

In the midst of one of the most serious droughts on record, Bren adjunct associate professor and water-policy expert Robert Wilkinson has co-authored a new report describing how science and technology can be used to achieve a sustainable water future for California. The report, titled "Achieving a Sustainable California Water Future Through Innovations in Science and Technology," in April by the California Council on Science and Technology.

"Water is a fundamental resource challenge facing California, and its planning and management is a critical underpinning of California’s economy and environment," the authors write in the report's Executive Summary. Climate change and weather variability, including increasing uncertainty regarding the Sierra snowpack, as well as rising sea levls and the prospect of increasingly extreme and variable wet and dry conditions are identified as the key threats to both the quantity and quality of California's water supply.

Taking an integraed systems approach to water management, the authors examine the sources, conveyance, uses, and re-uses of water. They then identify a series of technologies and management strategies, some of which are already being applied on a smaller scale, that could contribute to solving California's present and long-term water challenges if applied more broadly.

The economics of the suggested technologies and strategies was not within the scope of the report.

The report is a good resource for anyone planning to attend the Bren School faculty panel on water and drought in California, to be held Monday, May 5 from 11:30 - 12:45 in Bren Hall, room 1414. Dr. Wilkinson will participate on the panel. (Find out more.)

Read the Exectuive Summary.
Read the full report.