Programs & Initiatives

Bren students are able to take advantage of a variety of research programs and initiatives at UC Santa Barbara. These entities, some of which are linked to other UC campuses as well as to other universities and thought centers across the country and around the world, can provide students with opportunities to expand their knowledge base and bring new perspectives to their area of primary academic endeavor. Some offer students the chance to assist faculty members with their research. The entities on the following, ever-evolving list can enhance students' qualifications as environmental professionals.

UC Center for the Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology (UC CEIN): Housed within the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at UCLA, with a second major hub at the UCSB, intended to ensure that nanotechnology is introduced in a responsible and environmentally compatible manner.

UC Center for Energy and Environmental Economics (UCE3): functions as a hub of research excellence in energy and environmental economics, bringing together outstanding scholars from all UC campuses.

Sustainable Fisheries Group: Works with stakeholders and utilizes market approaches to increase the ecological and economic performance of fisheries.

Zurich Financial Distinguished Visitors Program on Climate Change: Brings world experts on the scientific, legal, economic, and policy aspects of climate change to the Bren School for periods ranging from a few days to a a few weeks. Visitors teach a short course, interact with faculty, and deliver a public lecture.

Environmental Media Initiative: Brings together environmental scientists with film and media scholars; explores all the ways media and the environment influence, structure, and inhabit each other.

Chemical Life Cycle Collaborative (CLiCC): Funded by the US EPA to develop, implement, and disseminate an open-access online tool to rapidly and efficienctly characterize the life-cycle impacts of chemicals.

Earth Gate: A central site providing access to all UCSB organizations conducting research in a given field of earth science (marine sciences, biology, physics, geology, geography, etc.).