River cutting through forest
Faculty Expertise

Members of the news media who are interested in pursuing stories about the Bren School or would like to receive expert commentary on breaking environmental news stories or on a wide variety of environmental issues can contact the following Bren School faculty. For other media inquiries send e-mail to media@bren.ucsb.edu

Name Telephone E-mail Expertise
Sarah Anderson 805-893-5886 E-mail Congressional Decision-Making         
Environmental Policy
Environmental Politics    
Wildfire Policy
Mark Buntaine 805-893-4075 E-mail Environmental Policy
Foreign Aid        
International Relations 
Program Evaluation
Christopher Costello 805-893-5802 E-mail Decision-Making under Uncertainty         
Fisheries Management
Marine Policy    
Property Rights
Resource Economics
Frank Davis 805-893-3438
E-mail Climate Change
Conservation Planning
Landscape Ecology
Plant Distributions
Rangeland and Farmland Conservation
Sudden Oak Death Syndrome
Jeff Dozier 805-893-5889 E-mail Earth System Science
Environmental Informatics
Remote Sensing, GIS
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Snow Hydrology
Thomas Dunne 805-893-7557 E-mail Fluvial Geomorphology
River Restoration
James Frew 805-893-7356 E-mail Environmental Informatics
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Remote Sensing
Roland Geyer 805-893-7234 E-mail Green Business Plans
Industrial Ecology
Life-cycle Assessment
Production and Operations Management
Ben Halpern 805-893-2862 E-mail Community Ecology
Conservation Planning
Indicator Science
Marine Ecology
Ocean Health
Population Dynamics
Social-ecological Systems
Patricia Holden 805-893-3195 E-mail Biogeochemistry
Environmental Microbiology
Environmental Nanotechnology
Water Quality
Arturo Keller 805-893-7548 E-mail Biochemicals
Environmental nanotechnology
Fate & Transport
Pollutant Exposure Assessment
Pollution Prevention
Water Quality
Water Treatment
Watershed Management
Bruce Kendall 805-893-7539 E-mail Applied Ecology
Conservation Biology
Ecological Sustainability
Marine Fisheries Management
Population Ecology
Hunter Lenihan 805-893-8629
E-mail Applied Marine Ecology
Coastal Fisheries Management
Coastal Marine Resources Management
Coral Reef Restoration
Restoration Ecology
Gary Libecap 805-893-8611 E-mail Corporate Environmental Management
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Water Allocation Policy
Water Markets
John Melack 805-893-3879 E-mail Aquatic Ecology
Remote Sensing
Watershed Science
Wetland Ecology
Kyle Meng 805-893-5505 E-mail Climate Change Economics
Climate Change Policy
Andrew Plantinga 805-893-2788 E-mail Economics of Land Use
Land Use Policy
Natural Resource Economics
Water Scarcity
Matthew Potoski 805-893-2151 E-mail Corporate Environmental Management
Political Science
Voluntary Environmental Programs
Jim Salzman 805-893-3560 E-mail Environmental Law
Trade and Environment Conflicts
Policy Instrumernt Design
Markets for Ecosystem Services
Drinking Water
Sangwon Suh 805-893-7185 E-mail Carbon Footprinting
Industrial Ecology
Input-Output Analysis
Life-cycle Assessment
Material Flow Analysis
Christina (Naomi) Tague 805-893-8579 E-mail Ecosystem Processes
Land Use
Stream Hydrology
David Tilman 805-893-3840 E-mail Biodiversity
Ecosystem Functioning
Food Ecology
Human Ecology