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Appointment to an Endowed Chair is among the highest honors that UCSB, by way of a donor's generosity, can bestow upon a faculty member. These positions acknowledge in a permanent and distinctive way an eminent scholar's contributions in teaching and research. Nothing is more effective than an Endowed Chair at attracting and retaining professors of high distinction.

An Endowed Chair is much more than a platform upon which a scholar sits. It is, in fact, a permanent endowment created by a philanthropic gift that annually supports the teaching and research of a scholar, thereby contributing to the steady advancement of knowledge. (An endowment consists of money that is permanently invested in order to provide interest income in perpetuity.) For more information about donating for an Endowed Chair, please contact Lotus Vermeer at 805-893-3712 or by email at lvermeer@bren.ucsb.edu.

Faculty by area of expertise

Name Office Telephone E-mail Specializations
Steven Gaines Bren 2410 805-893-4339 E-mail Marine Science, Sustainable Fisheries

Permanent Faculty (top)
Sarah Anderson Bren 4510 805-893-5886 E-mail Environmental Politics
Mark Buntaine Bren 4422 805-893-4075 E-mail International Institutions and Governance
Kelly Caylor Bren 4522 805-893-8446 E-mail Hydrology, Terrestrial Ecology, Coupled Natural-Human Systems
Christopher Costello Bren 4410 805-893-5802 E-mail Resource Economics
Frank Davis off: Bren 3512
lab: Bren 3017
E-mail Landscape Ecology, Conservation Planning
Jeff Dozier Bren 4512 805-893-5889 E-mail Snow Hydrology, Earth System Science, Remote Sensing
Thomas Dunne Bren 3510 805-893-7557 E-mail Geomorphology, Hydrology
James Frew Bren 4524 805-893-7356 E-mail Environmental Informatics
Roland Geyer Bren 3426 805-893-7234 E-mail Industrial Ecology, Production and Operations Management
Ben Halpern Bren 4420 805-893-2862 E-mail Marine Ecology,
Conservation Planning
Robert Heilmayr Bren 4023   E-mail Environmental Economics, Land System Science
Patricia Holden Bren 3508 805-893-3195 E-mail Environmental Microbiology
Scott Jasechko Bren 4404 805-893-2608 E-mail Water Resources, Hydrology, Groundwater, Sustainability
Arturo Keller Bren 3420 805-893-7548 E-mail Fate & Transport, Watershed Mgt. Remediation, Pollution Prevention
Bruce Kendall Bren 4514 805-893-7539 E-mail Applied Ecology
Ashley Larsen Bren 4408 805-893-5833 E-mail Agricultural Ecology, Land Use, Landscape Ecology
Hunter Lenihan off: Bren 3428 lab: Bren 1310 805-893-8629
E-mail Applied Marine Ecology, Coastal Marine Resources Management
Gary Libecap Bren 4412 805-893-8611 E-mail Corporate Environmental Management
John Melack Bren 4424 805-893-3879 E-mail Ecology, Limnology, Remote Sensing
Kyle Meng Bren 4416 805-893-5055 E-mail Economics, Climate Change
Andrew Plantinga Bren 3424 805-893-2788 E-mail Natural Resource Economics and Policy
Matthew Potoski Bren 3430 805-893-2151 E-mail Political Science, Corporate Environmental Management
Jim Salzman Bren 4418 805-893-3560 E-mail
Environmental Law
Samantha Stevenson Bren 3412 805-893-5049 E-Mail Climate Modeling, Drought, Oceanography, Climate Dynamics
Sangwon Suh Bren 3422 805-893-7185 E-mail Industrial Ecology,
Life Cycle Assessment
Christina (Naomi) Tague Bren 4516 805-893-8579 E-mail Hydrology, Ecosystem Processes
David Tilman Bren 4414 805-893-3840 E-mail Ecology, Biodiversity, Ecosystem Functioning

Emeriti Faculty
Charles Kolstad Bren 3416 E-mail Environmental Economics
Oran Young Bren 4518 E-mail Instl. & Intnl. Governance, Environmental Institutions

Adjunct Faculty (top)
David Auston NCEAS Rm 419 805-570-0206 E-mail Climate Change Mitigation
Lee Hannah Bren 3410 805-893-7067 E-mail Climate Change, Conservation Planning
Jay Means Bren 3408 269-744-1145 E-mail Fate and Transport, Analytical Methods, Environmental Toxicology
Bob Wilkinson
(Emeritus, rehired)
Bren 4426 no local phone E-mail Water Policy
Jono Wilson Bren 3518 no local phone E-mail Fisheries Science & Management

Affiliated Faculty (top)
Derek Booth Bren 4033 805-570-1953 E-mail Environmental Geomorphology
Vena Chu Ellison Hall 4646 626-226-8819 E-mail Greenland Ice Sheet Hydrology
Olivier Deschenes North Hall 2050 805-893-5617 E-mail Environmental Economics
John Foran SSMS 3417 805-893-8199 E-mail Climate Change, Global Climate Justice, Sustainable Development
Hahrie Han Ellison Hall 3713   E-mail American Politics, Environmental Politics, Political Organizations, Civic/Political Engagement, Politics of Social Policy, Political Behavior
David Lea Webb Hall 1114 805-893-8665 E-mail Climate Change Policy
Sally MacIntyre Webb Hall 2120 805-893-3951 E-mail Limnology, Biogeochemistry
Wendy Meiring South Hall 5510 805-893-8328 E-mail Statistics of space-time processes, evaluation of geophysical models, environmental statistics
Matto Mildenberger Ellison Hall 3706   E-mail  
David Pellow Bren Hall 4304   E-mail Environmental Justice Studies, Race & Ethnic Studies, Social Change, Social Movements
Ronald E. Rice SSMS 4127 805-893-8696 E-mail Communication
Kimberly Selkoe Bren 3524 no local phone E-mail Marine ecology Curriculum Vitae
Eric Smith Ellison Hall 3711 805-893-6160 E-mail Environmental Politics
Leah Stokes Ellison Hall 3716   E-mail American Politics, Energy and Environmental Politics, Public Policy, Methodology

 Visiting Faculty & Lecturers (top)
Erendira Aceves   E-mail ESM 296: Advanced Topics: Methods for Social-Ecological Systems Analysis: Small-Scale Fisheries & Climate Change
Celia Alario   E-mail

ESM 442: Communication for Civic Engagement & Grassroots Organizing

Trevor Branch   E-mail ESM 296: Advanced Topics in Management: Applying Ecological Models to Manage and Conserve Natural Resources
Norm Brown   E-mail

ESM 226: Groundwater Management

Emily Cotter
Bren 3406 E-mail

ESM 256A: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation
ESM 256B: New Venture Opportunity Analysis
ESM 230: Strategic Planning for Non-Profit Organizations
ESM 402A: Eco-E Project
ESM 402B: Eco-E Project
ESM 402C: Eco-E Project
ESM 402D: Eco-E Project

Brigham Daniels   E-mail ESM 294: Advanced Topics in Law: Water Law
Dan Dudek   E-mail ESM 293: Advanced Topics in Climate and Energy
Hunter Gehlbach   E-mail ESM 269: Survey Design and Environmental Public Opinion
Lee Hannah   E-mail ESM 240: Climate Change Biology
Michael Hanrahan   E-mail

ESM 441: Intro to Environmental Media Production

Sean Hastings   E-mail ESM 257: Coastal and Ocean Policy Management
Allison Horst Bren 4406 E-mail ESM 206: Statistic & Data Analysis for Environmental Science & Management
ESM 244:
Advanced Data Analysis
ESM 438: Presentation Skills for Envrionmental Professionals
Tom Jacobson   E-mail ESM 275: Environmental Planning
John Jostes   E-mail ESM 283: Environmental Negotiation
ESM 296:
Advanced Topics in Environmental Management (Project Management
Lisa Leombruni Bren 4520 E-mail

ESM 296: Advanced Topics in Management: Equity and the Environment
ESM 437:
Writing Skills for Environmental Professionals
ESM 440:
Intro to Strategic Environmental Communication 
ESM 449:
Environmental Communication Practicum

Jacqueline McGlade   E-mail ESM 293: Advanced Topics in Climate and Energy
Michael O'Connell   E-mail ESM 296: Advanced Topics: Conservation Management in Practice
Stacy Rebich-Hespanha   E-mail ESM 296-W: Advanced Topics: Environmental Mangement (Environmental Data Visualization)
Gavin Schmidt   E-mail ESM 293: Advanced Topics in Climate and Energy
David Spence   E-mail ESM 294: Advanced Topics in Environmental Law (Energy Economics and Regulation)
Mel Willis   E-mail ESM 430-1W: CEQA/NEPA workshop

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