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The Bren community is a tight-knit network, and staying in touch with all of you is an integral part of that connection. Learn how to update your information below.

Update Your Contact and/or Employment Information
To provide us with any contact info updates or job changes, please update your profile on the Bren Online Network. The Bren Online Network is the system we use to track alumni information as well as a platform for alumni to connect with each other and access career resources. If you have any trouble accessing the site, please email us at career@bren.ucsb.edu.

Update Your Listserv Subscriptions
To subscribe or unsubscribe from any of our alumni listservs, please see our Alumni Listservs page.

Have Anything Else to Share? Email us!
We love hearing from our alumni! If you have any personal updates or professional accomplishments to share (or you just want to say hi), email the Career and Alumni Team at career@bren.ucsb.edu.