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Andrew Ayres E-mail
William (Ty) Brandt E-mail
William Burke E-mail
Patrick Callery E-mail
Sam Collie E-mail
Jessica Couture E-mail
Violaine Desgens-Martin E-mail
Colleen Devlin E-mail
Aubrey Dugger E-mail
Patricia Faundez E-mail
Marina Feraud E-mail
Matthew Fienup E-mail
Sean Fitzgerald E-mail
Elliott Finn E-mail
Alexa Fredston-Hermann E-mail
Qian Gao E-mail
Albert Garcia E-mail
Jacob Gellman E-mail
Niklas Griessbaum E-mail
Chris Heckman E-mail
Elizabeth Hiroyasu E-mail
Patrick Hunnicutt E-mail
Timnit Kefela E-mail
Molly Lassiter E-mail
Julia Lawson E-mail
Alice Lepissier E-mail
Owen Liu E-mail
Jason Maier E-mail
Karly Marie Miller E-mail
Casey O'Hara E-mail
Cruz Ortiz, Jr. E-mail
Daniel Ovando E-mail
Joseph Palazzo E-mail
Nicol Parker E-mail
Jessica Perkins E-mail
Yuwei Qin E-mail
Yang Qiu E-mail
Phoebe Racine E-mail
Maria Ignacia Rivera E-mail
Jade Sainz E-mail
Runsheng Song E-mail
Karnamadakala Rahul Sharma E-mail
Timbo Stillinger E-mail
Mengya Tao E-mail
Sebastian Tapia E-mail
Vincent Thivierge E-mail
Rachel Torres E-mail
Laura Urbisci E-mail
Daniel Viana E-mail
Caroline Vignardi E-mail
Juan Carlos Villasenor Derbez E-mail
Ying Wang E-mail
Zoe Welch E-mail
Molly Wilson E-mail
Erin Winslow E-mail
Jose Zenteno E-mail
Jiajia Zheng E-mail

Other PhD Students
Housed in Bren Hall
Shithi Kamal E-mail
Becky Wright E-mail
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Master's Class of 2018  (Back to top)
Wendy BagnascoE-mail
Anu BalakrishnanE-mail
Gonzalo Banda-CruzE-mail
Zhiping (Zee) BaoE-mail
Arun BirdE-mail
Kelly BourqueE-mail
Justin BreckE-mail
Taylor BriglioE-mail
Edward BrutschE-mail
Cheryl BubeE-mail
Kate BurchenalE-mail
Eleanore CampbellE-mail
Morgan CampbellE-mail
Fabio Ugolotti CastagninoE-mail
Sravan ChalasaniE-mail
Bitian (Elizabeth) ChenE-mail
Courtney CochranE-mail
Vivon CrawfordE-mail
Andrea (Annie) DalyE-mail
Ankur DassE-mail
Roxanne DiazE-mail
Luke EisenhardtE-mail
Rowena EngE-mail
Kelly FerronE-mail
Olga (Denise) GarciaE-mail
Matthew GargiuloE-mail
Josh GraybielE-mail
Nathaniel GrimesE-mail
Madison HarrisE-mail
Lucy HedleyE-mail
Karina HerreraE-mail
Justin HeyerdahlE-mail
Emily HonnE-mail
Christopher HughesE-mail
Alexandra (Alex) JamisE-mail
Amanda KelleyE-mail
Kalli KilmerE-mail
Tia KordellE-mail
Ian LadnerE-mail
Eunhee (Lily) LeeE-mail
Chester LindleyE-mail
Jia LiuE-mail
Cristobal Angosto LoyolaE-mail
Alexander McCutcheonE-mail
Jonathan (Jon) McKoyE-mail
Lindsay McPhailE-mail
Lauren MenzerE-mail
Kendall MillerE-mail
Tess MorgridgeE-mail
Sean MuellerE-mail
Shelby OliverE-mail
Craig O'NeillE-mail
Christin PalmstromE-mail
Michael PattonE-mail
Rebecca PayneE-mail
Erica PetrofskyE-mail
Erika PetroyE-mail
Jonathan PhamE-mail
Alexander PrescottE-mail
Zhiqi (Ryan) QiE-mail
Tessa ReederE-mail
Whitney ReyesE-mail
Sarah SalemE-mail
Anna SchillerE-mail
Chris SchmuckalE-mail
Gokce SencanE-mail
Natalie ShahbolE-mail
John SisserE-mail
Erica SlowikE-mail
Madeline StrutnerE-mail
Iwen SuE-mail
Cooper TamayoE-mail
Rae Taylor-BurnsE-mail
Courtney ThomasE-mail
Annette TranE-mail
Diego UndurragaE-mail
Camila VargasE-mail
Zach VossE-mail
Kathrin WagnerE-mail
Alina WerthE-mail
Jason WhiteE-mail
Easton WilliamsE-mail
Shaun WolfeE-mail
Symphony YuE-mail
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Master's Class of 2019  (Back to top)
Barak Albeg E-mail
Brad Anderson E-mail
Vaughan Andrews E-mail
Jung Il Bang E-mail
Jesse Bickley E-mail
Meghan Bowen E-mail
McKenzie Bradford E-mail
Edaysi Bucio Bustos E-mail
Hanna Buechi E-mail
Sandy Carter E-mail
Miguel Castellanos E-mail
Alice Chang E-mail
Mario Colon E-mail
Meghan Cook E-mail
Cheyenne Coxon E-mail
Seleni Cruz E-mail
Giovanna Davila E-mail
Jonathan Dorsey E-mail
Daniel Elkin E-mail
Daniel Ettelson E-mail
Paige Fitzgibbon E-mail
Rachel Fuhrman E-mail
Lucy Genua E-mail
Ella Golovey E-mail
Jessica Gomez E-mail
Sean Goral E-mail
Garrett Goto E-mail
Laura Gray E-mail
Eric Hassel E-mail
Taylor Heisley-Cook E-mail
Camille Herrera E-mail
Eric Holmes E-mail
Kymberly Howo E-mail
Derek Hunter E-mail
Alexander Irvin E-mail
Genelle Ives E-mail
Madeline Julian E-mail
Lauren Kaapcke E-mail
Rachel Kenny E-mail
Charlene Kormondy E-mail
Lauren Krohmer E-mail
August Lack E-mail
Marina Lindsay E-mail
Cyrus Ma E-mail
Caitlin Martin E-mail
Sofie McComb E-mail
Austin Melcher E-mail
Madison Meltzer E-mail
Celine Mol E-mail
Casey Moorhead E-mail
David Mun E-mail
Matt Morenz Panopio E-mail
Thomas Paschos E-mail
Lillian Powers E-mail
Austin Richards E-mail
Delaney Roney E-mail
Vienna Saccomanno E-mail
Adam Sachs E-mail
Courtney Schatzman E-mail
Emma Siegfried E-mail
Margaux Sleckman E-mail
Cristina Sparks E-mail
Andrew Steinkruger E-mail
Alexander Stejskal E-mail
Caitlin Swalec E-mail
Valeria Tamayo E-mail
Eric Tarantino E-mail
Savannah Tjaden E-mail
Tiffany Tran E-mail
Jazmine Uy E-mail
Jasmine Vazin E-mail
Alejandro Vela E-mail
Juliette Verstaen E-mail
Matthew Warham E-mail
Molly Williams E-mail
Alyssa Winchell E-mail
Brianne Winkler E-mail
Kynan Witters Hicks E-mail
Laura Wolf E-mail
Derek Yamane E-mail
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group of students

bren student working in courtyard

students on grass

Student kayaker catching a wave

Students working at table

student near bren hall

Students at computer

Student hiker and dog overlooking landscape and ocean

Students on Deckers Outdoor Corporation Terrace

Student holding a block of ice

BrenGrass musicians performing

Bren students at Earth Day booth

students on tension line outside Bren Hall

students outside Bren Hall

Students comparing notes

bike path