PhD Research - Yuwei Qin

BS, Environmental Policy and Management, Ohio State University; Master of Environmental Science and Management, University of California Santa Barbara

Yuwei studies Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) with a focus on understanding and quantifying uncertainty in environmental impacts. Her research includes the study of the methodology of uncertainty analysis and the better use of LCA and its uncertainty results in policy-making process. Uncertainty has been recognized as one of major barriers for policy makers to implementing LCA in the context of policy. Her work aims to improve the uncertainty assessment in LCA and provide recommendations on how to enhance the use of uncertainty information in making policy decisions.

Year Admitted:
Research Areas: Life Cycle Assesment, Uncertainty Analysis, Life Cycle Inventory, Use of LCA in Policy-Making
Faculty Advisor: Sangwon Suh

Office: Bren Hall 1324
Suh Lab
Curriculum Vitae


Chemical Life Cycle Collaborative (CLiCC) Project – Network for Characterizing Chemical Life Cycle (NCCLC) funded by the EPA

Fellowship Awards

Robert L. Boughton, Jr. Educational and Scholarship Fund, 2015