PhD Research - Phoebe Racine

BA Environmental Studies and Anthropology, Dartmouth College

Phoebe’s research interests lie in aquaculture sustainability strategies. At Bren, she is interested in working on mariculture carrying capacity assessments and marine spatial planning. While her dissertation work will be largely international, she maintains projects in tandem with California shellfish practitioners. Joining Bren from World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Phoebe has a broad background in sustainable aquaculture. At WWF for two years, she managed projects spanning Southeast Asia, with focus on shrimp and tilapia production in China, India and Thailand. Her work included increasing Aquaculture Stewardship Council certification uptake in key production regions, building a business case for better aquaculture management practices, and development of elemental profiling as a transparency tool. Relevant to aquaculture, her past research at the Food and Agriculture Organization, The Bren School’s Sustainable Aquaculture Research Center, and the Kapuscinski Sustainability Science Collaboratory focused on diversification of species, seaweed growth methods, and direct renewable energy use in production systems. Phoebe is a graduate of Dartmouth College and has a continued interest in making science accessible.

Year Admitted: 2017
Research Areas:
Faculty Advisor: Steve Gaines

Office: Bren Hall 1310