Research & Projects:
The Bren School Strategic Environmental Research Initiative (SERI)

Since opening its doors in 1996, the Bren School has demonstrated unusual strength and effectiveness in taking interdisciplinary approaches to solving environmental problems. The Strategic Environmental Research Initiative (SERI), launched in 2013 as part of the Bren School Strategic Plan, is intended to leverage and scale that strength across disciplines by creating new collaborations aimed at developing timely solutions to some of the grand environmental problems of our time.

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Every year or so going forward, the school will provide resources to jump-start new collaborative partnerships around a specific research topic. Involved faculty will have the opportunity to assemble a broad community of scholars from the Bren School, the greater UCSB campus, and beyond to achieve significant progress in addressing large-scale environmental challenges. The topic will also be integrated into the Bren master’s and PhD curricula, the Bren public colloquium series, and campus-wide activities.

The second topic is Equity.
The first topic was Wildfire and Climate Change.