PhD Research - Sean Denny

BA, Biology, Middlebury College, Vermont; MSc, Conservation Science, Imperial College of London, England

Sean's research interests lie at the interface of wildlife conservation and livelihoods, and include human-wildlife conflict, the illegal wildlife trade, protected area management, community-based conservation, and the socioeconomic drivers of wildlife loss. At the Bren School, Sean is combining applied ecology and social science research methods to study large carnivore conservation in human-modified landscapes.

Many of Sean’s research interests arose while serving in the Peace Corps in Cameroon, where he taught biology at a village secondary school. His students, colleagues, and neighbors hunted, consumed, and traded wildlife for subsistence. These circumstances gave him a personal understanding of the challenges facing people and wildlife in developing countries, and the interconnectedness of social and ecological systems.

Year Admitted: 2018
Research Areas: Wildlife ecology and conservation; human-wildlife conflict; illegal wildlife trade; livelihoods; sustainable use.
Faculty Advisor: Bruce Kendall, Sarah Anderson
Office: Bren Hall 3031