PhD Research - Alice Lépissier

MA Economics and Publicy Policy, Sciences Po Paris and Ecole Polytechnique; MA Economic History, London School of Economics; BA European Social and Political Studies, University College London

Alice’s research interests include energy transitions, carbon pricing, and pathways for decarbonization. Prior to joining Bren, Alice was a Research Associate at the Center for Global Development where her research focused on climate change, tropical deforestation, and illicit financial flows. She developed the SkyShares model, an interactive tool which allows policy-makers to simulate carbon markets from a chosen temperature target. She has also contributed to the United Nation’s report on illicit financial flows from Africa. Her prior experience includes working on adaptation to sea-level rise in Namibia and developing a climate adaptation plan for the city of Cape Town. Originally from France, Alice has lived in five countries and is fluent in three languages.

Year Admitted: 2016
Research Areas:
Energy transitions, carbon pricing, and pathways for decarbonization
Faculty Advisor: Matt Potoski

Office: Bren Hall 3007

Curriculum Vitae