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Quantifying and Managing Microplastics From Footwear Use: Outsole Loss Through Wear

Group Members: Andrea Cheung, James Fuller, Teresa Fukuda, Andrew Paterson, Tyanna Bui
Faculty Advisor(s): Roland Geyer (Spring 2019, Winter 2020, Spring 2020) and Patricia Holden (Fall 2019)
Client: Andrew Yip, Adidas


Quantifying Climate Change Impacts to City of Santa Barbara Water Supplies

Group Members: Lydia Bleifuss, Jessica Jagdeo, Camila Bobroff, Juan Espinoza
Faculty Advisor(s): Arturo Keller (Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020) and John Melack (Winter 2020)
Client: Kelley Dyer, City of Santa Barbara Public Works

Project Proposal

Evaluating Connectivity in the Northern Appalachian and Acadian Region to Improve Wildlife Mobility

Group Members: Renee Albrecht, Robert Saldivar, Jamie Miller, Rebecca Clow, Nelson Gould
Faculty Advisor(s): Frank Davis
Client: Dirk Bryant and Jessie Levine, The Nature Conservancy

Project Proposal

Understanding Multiple Benefits of Managed Aquifer Recharge for the Resilience of California’s Water Supply

Group Members: Bridget Gibbons, Claire Madden, Jennifer Balmagia, Anna Perez Welter
Faculty Advisor(s): Scott Jasechko
Client: Anna Schiller and Ann Hayden, Environmental Defense Fund

Project Proposal

Assessing Agricultural Carbon Quantification Methods

Group Members: Tyler Cobian, Gizem Ilayda Dinc, Alexandra Ivina, Karan Shetty
Faculty Advisor(s): Kyle Meng
Client: Elena Egorova, Elissa Foster, and Stephanie Karba, Patagonia

Contact team CARBON4CROPS

Evaluating and Improving the Ability of an Adaptive Management Framework (FISHE) to Identify and Resolve Fishery Management Challenges related to Climate Change

Group Members: Gracie White, Chase Brewster, Sara Orofino, Nathaniel Jean-Rene Burola
Faculty Advisor(s): Steve Gaines
Rod Fujita, Kendra Karr, and Merrick Burden, Environmental Defense Fund

Project Proposal
Contact team SOMEFIN'FISHE

Evaluating the Multiple Benefits Associated with Distributed Rainwater Catchment Systems in Austin, Texas

Group Members: Kristan Culbert, Kelly Odion, Alex Brown, Madeline Gorchels
Faculty Advisor(s): Naomi Tague
Sarah Diringer and Cora Kammeyer, Pacific Institute

Project Proposal
Contact team AUSTINAGUA

Whales, Vessels, and Fish: Economic Valuation of Whale Watching and Marine Spatial Planning Surrounding Dominica

Group Members: Laura Ingulsrud, Shellby Johnson, Callie Steffen, Sidney Gerst
Faculty Advisor(s): James Frew
Shane Gero, The Dominica Sperm Whale Project

Project Proposal
Contact team WORTHWHALE

Managing the Impacts of Environmental Education in Protected Areas: A Case Study at the Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve

Group Members: Daphne Virlar, Tess Hooper, Priscilla Hare, Robert Heim, Jessica Gomez
Faculty Advisor(s): Sarah Anderson
Brea Jones and Mark Reynolds, The Nature Conservancy

Project Proposal
Contact team DANGERNERDS

Using Food Waste to Reduce Food Waste: Evaluating the Impacts of Sourcing Food Processing Waste as a Raw Material for Manufacturing

Group Members: Eamon Devlin, Geoffrey Cook, Adrienne Hewitt, Yingfei Jiang, Maddie Berger
Faculty Advisor(s): Kelsey Jack
Jessica Perkins, Apeel Sciences


Creating a Region-wide Green Infrastructure Strategic Plan for Maunalua Bay

Group Members: Natalie Dornan, Erica Johnson, Eleonore Durand, Tara Jagadeesh
Faculty Advisor(s): Kelly Caylor and Samantha Stevenson
Malama Maunalua

Project Proposal
Contact team KAHUWAI

Air Quality & Diabetes Risk in California

Group Members: Hope Cupples, Angie Bouche, Yirui Zhang, Vanessa Guenther
Faculty Advisor(s): Ashley Larsen
Samsun Diabetes Research Institute

Contact team JUSTHEALTH

Implementing Vessel Monitoring Devices in Small Scale Fisheries: Analysis of Social and Economic Enabling Conditions to Maximize Adoption

Group Members: Juan Silva, Barbara Rose Hoover, Gage Clawson, Thomas Butera, Corinna Hong
Faculty Advisor(s): Chris Costello
Client: Global Fishing Watch

Project Proposal
Contact team PANGAWATCH

Prioritizing restorative wood products by market readiness, climate impact and carbon storage potential

Group Members: Samantha Smith, AnnaClaire Marley, Ben Edwards, Kyle Monper, Max Russer
Faculty Advisor(s): Andrew Plantinga
Joint Institute for Wood Products Innovation

Project Proposal
Contact team WOODWISE

Assessing Brazil’s Marine Aquaculture Potential

Group Members: Caio Della Colleta Vianna, Eva Marrero, Kirby Bartlett, Anna Calle, Sandra Fogg
Faculty Advisor(s): Hunter Lenihan
Caio Faro, WWF Brazil

Project Proposal
Contact team MARICULTURA