PhD Research - Dan Ovando

MESM Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, UC Santa Barbara; BS Ecosystem Science and Policy/Biology, University of Miami,

Dan studies ways to improve our ability to monitor and manage fisheries. Part of his research focuses on developing and implementing practical tools for assessing the health of fished populations. Such “Data-limited Assessments” help make scientific guidance much more accessible for fishing communities that lack the resources for more traditional methods. Dan also studies ways to improve incentives and management around fisheries. These involve the use of rights-based fishery management, where fishermen are given property rights to some aspect of a fishery, such as a fixed amount of catch, and the potential and challenges of using marine protected areas as fishery management tools.

Year Admitted:
Research Areas: Fisheries, economics, marine ecology, population dynamics

Faculty Advisor: Chris Costello, Steve Gaines

Office: Bren Hall 4528

Curriculum Vitae


Costello, C., Ovando, D., Hilborn, R., Gaines, S.D., Deschenes, O. and Lester, S.E. (2012) Status and Solutions for the World’s Unassessed Fisheries. Science 338, 517–520.

Hilborn, R. and Ovando, D. (2014) Reflections on the success of traditional fisheries management. ICES Journal of Marine Science: Journal du Conseil 71, 1040–1046.

Ovando, D.A., Deacon, R.T., Lester, S.E., et al. (2013) Conservation incentives and collective choices in cooperative fisheries. Marine Policy 37, 132–140.

Fellowship awards:

Daniel and Dianne Vapneck Fisheries Management Fellowship