PhD Research - Daniel Viana

MESM Coastal Marine Resources Management, Bren School, UC Santa Barbara; BS Fishing Engineering, Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco, Brazil

Overfishing of marine resources is causing many social and environmental problems to coastal communities worldwide. Marine protected areas (MPAs) are considered a powerful tool to achieve economic, environmental, and social goals, but MPA designs that fail to consider all potential benefits can lead to non-optimal solutions. My research is focused on evaluating the tradeoffs of different MPA designs in relation to tourism, fisheries, and conservation values. Additionally, I will focus on the tourism value of MPAs and how they can be distributed optimally to compensate for short-term fisheries losses. I hope that the results of my research will increase acceptance of MPAs to all stakeholders and encourage the implementation of MPAs in coastal areas, leading to better social, ecological, and economic outcomes.

Year Admitted: 2013
Research Areas: Marine Protected Areas, Marine Resource Conservation, Fisheries Management
Faculty Advisor: Steve Gaines

Office: Marine Science Institute
Phone: 805-453-7995