Faculty Research
Strategic Environmental Research Initiative (SERI).

Bren faculty members bring to the School their externally funded research projects, some of which are interdisciplinary. A complete list of all permanent, affiliated, adjunct, and visiting faculty, and their specializations, can be found on the faculty web page.  Details of faculty research and publications can be found on individual faculty homepages, which are linked from their names below.

Faculty Member Areas of Specialization
Sarah Anderson Environmental Politics
Mark Buntaine International Relations and Environmental Policy
Kelly Caylor Hydrology, Terrestrial Ecology, Coupled Natural-Human Systems
Christopher Costello Resource Economics, Renewable Resources
Frank Davis Biogeography, Terrestrial Ecology
Jeff Dozier Snow Hydrology, Earth System Science
Thomas Dunne Geomorphology, Hydrology
James Frew Information Science
Roland Geyer Industrial Ecology, Supply Chain Management
Ben Halpern Marine Ecology, Conservation Planning
Scott Jasechko Water Resources, Hydrology, Groundwater, Sustainability
Patricia Holden Environmental Microbiology
Robert Heilmayr Environmental Economics, Ecological Economics, Land Systems Science
Arturo Keller Fate and Transport of Pollutants, Remediation, Management
Bruce Kendall Applied Ecology
Charles Kolstad (emeritus) Environmental Economics, Climate
Ashley Larsen Agricultural Ecology, Land Use, Landscape Ecology
Hunter Lenihan Marine Ecology, Habitat Restoration, Oceanography
Gary Libecap Corporate Environmental Management
John Melack Biology, Ecology, Limnology
Kyle Meng Environmental Economics
Andrew Plantinga Natural Resource Economics and Policy
Matthew Potoski Corporate Environmental Management
Jim Salzman Environmental Law and Policy
Samantha Stevenson Climate Modeling, Drought, Oceanography, Climate Dynamics
Sangwon Suh Corporate Environmental Management, Industrial Ecology, Life Cycle Assessment
Christina (Naomi) Tague Hydrology, Ecosystem Functioning, Mountain Watersheds
David Tilman Ecology, Biodiversity, Ecosystem Functioning
Oran Young (Emeritus) Institutional and International Governance; Environmental Institutions