PhD Research - Jade Sainz

Master of Environmental Science and Management, UC Santa Barbara; BSc Biology, Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa, México

Jade Sainz's interests are focused on how marine conservation and fisheries management policies affect ecosystems and the people who depend on them. An interesting case study is a recent measure approved by the Mexican government to protect the vaquita, a porpoise endemic in the Upper Gulf of California (UGC) and in peril of extinction. The remaining population is thought to include fewer than 200 individuals. The regulation consists of gradually replacing gillnets, which are widely used by the artisanal fleet in the UGC and identified as the main threat to the vaquita, with a prototype "light trawl." Jade will focus her research on evaluating the effects that fully implementating the prototype light trawl will have on the marine environment, the livelihoods of local fishers, and community dynamics of the UGC.

Year Admitted: 2013
Research Areas:
Fisheries, ecosystem-based approaches, marine resources management, marine ecology
Faculty Advisor: Steve Gaines, Hunter Lenihan

Office: Bren Hall 3414

Curriculum Vitae


Conacyt/UC-Mexus  Fellowship (2013 to present)

Dr. Daniel Vapnek Scholarship for Sustainable Fisheries Research (2013)