PhD Research - Jason Maier

BS Biochemistry, University of California, Santa Barbara; ME Civil and Environmental Systems, University California, Berkeley

Reaching a sustainable, prosperous, existence as a society requires a reassessment of modern technological and cultural practices. Jason is interested in systems thinking and complexity as it applies to systems innovation, decision making, and resilience. He is specifically interested in applying these approaches to the food system – biological nutrient cycles, water and energy reduction practices, alternatives to centralized production methods, and the impacts of human interaction and engagement with the food system. Jason received his undergraduate degree in 2015, where he worked as a biomedical engineer developing 3D printing hardware and software. Additionally, his masters capstone project analyzed potential interventions for the durable goods industry in India aimed at increasing material circularity. He spent the summer of 2016 in the Goleta Entrepreneurial Magnet’s summer accelerator where he focused on developing in-home food production solutions for urbanites.

Year Admitted: 2016
Research Areas:
Industrial ecology, applied systems thinking
Faculty Advisor: Roland Geyer, Sangwon Suh

Office: Bren Hall 3007