PhD Research - Jessica Perkins

MS Environmental Engineering & Water Resources, BS Environmental Engineering with Minor in Engineering Management, Tufts Unviersity

My research interests lie in the field of industrial ecology, with a focus on LCA to inform decision making.  I’d like to develop a link between LCA research and industry application that can help inform decision makers in a way that creates sustainable business opportunities that minimize the impact to human health and the environment. If the scientific community can be expected to develop solutions to the world’s challenges that are sustainable, tools and resources will be needed that can inform decisions with access to only limited information and without requiring a crippling amount of time or a financial burden. Collaboration and communication across sectors will be critical to achieve these objectives.

Year Admitted: 2014
Research Areas: Industrial Ecology, Corporate Environmental Management, Life Cycle Assessment
Faculty Advisor: Sangwon Suh
Office/Lab: Bren Hall 1324
Phone:  401-714-4490



Patton A.P., J. Perkins, W. Zamore, J.I. Levy, D. Brugge and J.L. Durant. Spatial and temporal differences in traffic-related air pollution in three urban neighborhoods near an interstate highway. Atmospheric Environment. Accepted Sept 2014.

DiMuro, J., F.M. Guertin, R.K. Helling, J.L. Perkins and S. Romer. A Financial and Environmental Analysis of Constructed Wetlands for Industrial Waste Water Treatment. Accepted into Journal of Industrial Ecology April 2014.

Perkins, J.L., L.T. Padro-Martinez and J.L. Durant. Particle number emission factors for an urban highway tunnel. Atmospheric Environment. 74(2013): 326-337.


Chemical Life Cycle Collaborative (CLiCC) Project – Network for Characterizing Chemical Life Cycle (NCCLC) funded by the EPA