PhD Research - Karly Marie Miller

B.S. Marine Science, University of South Carolina

Research Description: As the ecological and socio-economic importance of small-scale fisheries is increasingly acknowledged, tourism has been promoted as a development pathway that can both alleviate pressure on the fishery and improve the local standard of living by providing alternative livelihoods. My research on the Pacific Coast of Colombia uses a mixed methods approach to explore the dynamics of tourism development in small coastal communities and characterize the social and ecological outcomes. I study livelihood transitions, resource-use behaviors, food security, and wellbeing at both household and community scales. Through my work I hope to shed light on the key factors that affect these outcomes so as to enable better development planning and management.

Year Admitted: 2012
Research Areas:  Human-Environment Interactions, Small-Scale Fisheries, Coastal Tourism Development, Food Security, Political Ecology.
Faculty Advisor: Steve Gaines

Office: MSRB 1208

Curriculum Vitae



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Fellowship Awards:

Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship
Philip & Aida Siff Graduate Fellowship
Fulbright US Study/Research Grant, Colombia
Regents Special Graduate Fellowship