Research & Projects: Master's Projects
Group Projects
Eco-Entrepreneurship (Eco-E) Projects

Students enter the Bren School master's program to acquire knowledge and develop skills they'll need as professionals who focus on solving environmental problems. One of the most important components of the school's two-year curriculum is the capstone Master's Project, which serves as the master's thesis.

The Bren School is unique in that every master's student is required to complete either a Group Project or an Eco-Entrepreneurship (Eco-E) Project.

Two people presenting their group projectGroup Project teams usually comprise four to five students who spend nine months collaborating to solve an actual environmental problem faced by a real-world client.

Eco-E Project teams (part of the Eco-E focus) of similar size collaborate over the course of a year to develop a business model intended to bring a new environmentally oriented, commercially viable product or service to market.

Master's Projects provide students — before they leave school — with unequaled training and experience in performing professional-level work that involves managing group dynamics, developing strategies, and applying technical expertise to solve complex multidisciplinary environmental problems. The emphasis on such collaborative professional approaches to problem solving reflects the Bren School mission, and the results distinguish the unique skillsets that Bren students bring to their careers and that make them highly desired as employees.

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