PhD Research - Molly Wilson

BA Biology, Dartmouth College

Coral reef ecosystems are in global decline and the threats they face (overfishing, coastal development, pollution, climate shifts, etc.) are ever increasing. Reef ecosystems are critical sources of food security for many adjacent communities, but most current conservation approaches attempt to unrealistically restrict fisheries access and have resulted in management failures. I hope to integrate both social and ecological research to improve our understanding of small-scale fisheries options that optimize both conservation and community priorities.

Year Admitted : 2015
Research areas: Small-scale Fisheries, Coral Reef Ecology, Social-ecological Systems
Faculty Advisor: Ben Halpern, Steve Gaines

Office/Lab: Bren 4322

Curriculum Vitae


Graduate Research Fellowship Program, NSF

Chancellor’s Fellowship, U.C. Santa Barbara


Wilson, M., T. Pavlowich, and M. Cox. 2015. Studying Common-Pool Resources over Time: a Longitudinal Case Study of the Buen Hombre Fishery in the Dominican Republic. Ambio: 1-15.

Cox, M., M. Wilson, and T. Pavlowich. 2015. The challenges of local governance: gear-based fragmentation in the Dominican fishery of Buen Hombre. In press at Marine Policy.